EZ Shine Wash DALLAS – Forest Ln

8040 Forest Ln
Dallas, TX 75243
(469) 364 – 9274

Sun : 9 AM – 6:00 PM
Mon-Sat : 8 AM – 7:00 PM

Full Service Wash

Basic Full Service
Exterior Wash, Vacuum, Dash Dusting, Window Clean In & Out, Clean Door Jam
Good Full Wash
Basic Full Service Wash Include Simonize Triple Form Polish, Underbody Rince, Tire Shine & Scrub by Machine, Clear Coat Protection, Wipe Door, Dash, Console
Better Full Service
Good Full Service Include Simonize Hot Wax Shine & Protection, Tire and Rim Shine by Hand, Lava Shield Foam Falls, 5 Day Rain Check Exterior Wash
Best Full Service
Better Full service Include Total Interior Wipe Down, Shampoo Floor Mat and Clean, Interior Protection Dash, Door Panel, Console, 7 Day Rain Check Exterior Wash

Express Wash

Basic Express Wash
Pre Soak, Shine Sealer, Spot Free Rince, Turbo Dry, Light Towel Dry
Good Express Wash
Basic Wash Include Underbody Rince, tire Scrub by Tire Brush, Clear Coat Protection, High Pressure Rince, Lava Shield Form
Better Wash
Good Express Wash include Triple Foam Polish Protection, Double Bond Rain & Dust Protection Online Tire Shine. 5 days clean car guarantee
Best Express Wash
Better Wash Include Simonize Hot Lava Wax Shine, Tire and Rim Shine by Hand. 7 days clean car guarantee

Detail Service

Interior Detail
Good Full Service Included, Carpet and Seat Clean and Condition, Total Interior Clean
Full Detail
Good Full Service Included, Include Interior Detail, Total Exterior Wax Shine, Wheel Well Clean and Scrub
Show Room Detail
Better Full Service Include Include Interior Detail, Full Detail Include, Engine Clean, Any Tar, Light Scratch Removal, Hand Wax and Buffing
Carpet Shampoo $55
Seat Shampoo $55
Exterior Hand Wax $55
SUV & VAN, Trucks or Extra Row Seat on Any Detail Service Add $20.00
SUV & VAN or Extra Row Seat Add $10.00
Super clean Add $49.95